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The Creative Color Schemes 2

240 Color Schemes for Creative Design Projects

With CMYK | RGB | HEX color values

For Graphic Design, Pulication, Brochures, Posters, Packaging, Websites

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The Creative Color Schemes 2 follows its predecessor The Creative Color Schemes launched in 2009. TheCreative Color Schemes 2 consists of 240 innovative color combinations that are ready to be used in any design project. All these color schemes are fresh, beautiful and impressive. Designers, Illustrators and artists will find this book an indispensable resource of innovative color schemes ideas.

In this book, a color scheme consists of 5 colors instead of 15 colors in the previous book. This compact color scheme will make it more straightforward and easier to use than before. Moreover, many design projects typically use only 3-5 colors in their designs.

The Creative Color Schemes 2, an essential tool to work with colors effectively without an effort. It provides an exciting new way of choosing color schemes for your designs. You can quickly explore all color schemes and easily find the most suitable color scheme for your design project. One of its advantages is that you can experience the personality and feeling of all color schemes before using them.

The Creative Color Schemes 2 Package

The Creative Color Schemes 2 comes in various forms of eBooks, browse eBooks, printed book, and color swatches. All the Creative Color Schemes products are available in both CMYK and RGB versions. So please check them out in the Products section.

You can download the preview of all Creative Color Schemes products in the Preview section.

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