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Problems in Web Colors


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Color variation

Color variation in web sites is not a serious problem. Because designers and readers are both using the same kind of equipment, monitor screen, to display web sites. Therefore, a slight color difference is not notable compared to printing system that uses a totally different color model.

Monitors that we use to display web sites have different quality and capability in displaying colors. Therefore, colors that appear on each screen will be slightly different, especially the brightness and contrast of colors. Color variation also depends mainly on the color setting of each monitor. Thus, if you select a proper color combination for your web site, most users will see those colors the way you have designed.

Vast selections of color

It is fairly difficult for designers to pick a few colors from millions of colors in the color spectrum. In addition, they may worry about interaction and harmony of colors they have chosen. Furthermore, garish colors can easily annoy readers while a bad choice of color scheme may result in a poor image for the web site.


Different color schemes convey different feelings

sample color schemes

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