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Why do you need Creative Color Schemes?


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Color is one of the most important elements in modern design. Besides the aesthetic beauty of color, proper use of color will significantly help convey messages as well as impress people.

Have you ever had trouble with color like these?

  • Do not know which colors to use for your work.
  • Do not know which colors should be used together to get a harmonious effect.
  • Always use the same basic colors every time in your design because you have no time to look for new colors.
  • Waste too much time selecting colors. Even though you have tried it many times, you still cannot find the right combination.
  • The output color is not close to what you want. You have to painstakingly re-select it many times.

If you do have some of these problems, the Creative Color Schemes is your solution.

color scheme list

The Creative Color Schemes cover 3 color models in CMYK, RGB and Hexadecimal values. These values can be applied to any kind of artwork for both printing and digital media including publication, websites, and multimedia design. Therefore, whatever your works are, the Creative Color Schemes will enable you to choose the right color combination effortlessly.

It is more effective and enjoyable to choose a color combination from dozens of color schemes in this book, instead of wasting several hours trying to fix color problems. With the Creative Color Schemes, you will have a great time designing your stunning colorful works.

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