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Creative Color Schemes 2 eBook



Creative Color Schemes 2
Interactive eBook (CMYK)

English edition, 2011
256 Pages
High resolution printing allowed
No password protection, No DRM.

Price: $11.95
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color schemes


240 Color Schemes for Creative Design Projects

With CMYK | RGB | HEX color values

For Graphic Design, Pulication, Brochures, Posters, Packaging, Websites

240 Stunning Color Schemes at the Ready

The Creative Color Schemes 2 contains 240 color combinations that are ready to use in any design projects. All these color schemes are designed with a balance of harmony, contrast, continuation, variation and the feeling of colors. Without worrying about color theory, you can easily explore ideas of color combinations from all these color schemes. With 240 stunning color schemes at hand, you can choose your desired color schemes in a minute. Stop wasting your time on randomly choosing one color at a time and hoping that they will go well together.

All these ready to use color schemes will help you work with colors easily. You will clearly see the effect of color combinations before applying them to your works. So you can feel confident that the color schemes you use will really give you the desired color effect. The most important thing is that you do not need to risk your time and resources with the colors you see on the screen. You can get the right colors in print at the very first time.

An impressive color scheme will increase the color impact of your design, making it more attractive. Moreover, a color scheme that suits your content will help conveying the message to the audience. You will see plenty of examples on how to use colors together. They show the contrast between colors when they are used together, including color characters on color backgrounds. The color usage illustration will help you see all the color interaction among colors in a theme before applying them to your projects.

Creative Color Schemes for Print Media

All these color schemes in this book are specially designed for print media. If you apply the CMYK values to your art work, the output colors will look close to the colors in this book. Because this book was printed with the same CMYK values using 4 color inks of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black by standard offset printing. So the final colors should look similar to what you see on this book. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the perfect match of colors because variations may occurs by many factors such as ink quality, printing process, and paper type.

Therefore, all the color schemes in this book are designed mainly for use in print media. The RGB and HEX values come from converting CMYK values to the RGB and HEX values in the printing environment to ensure color consistency .

When using the RGB and HEX values in digital media, the colors you see on the screen may look slightly different from colors in the book, especially blue, green, magenta and violet. That’s because the different in color gamut between process printing and on-screen display. In addition, colors on screen normally look brighter than colors printed on paper.

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