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Creative Color Schemes 2 eBook



Creative Color Schemes 2

RGB Version

English edition, 2011
256 Pages
High resolution printing allowed
No password protection, No DRM.

Price: $11.95
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The Creative Color Scheme 2, RGB Version

With RGB | HEX color values

For PowerPoint, website, animation and all kinds of digital media

Basically, the color model of process printing is completely different from on-screen display. In fact, CMYK is an ink-based system that mixes percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks together to create all other colors. On the other hand, RGB is a light-based system that combines red, green, and blue lights to generate particular colors on a screen.
The colors you see on the screen may look slightly different from colors in the book, especially blue, green, magenta and violet. In addition, colors on screen normally look brighter than colors printed on paper. That is why we create the RGB version for this book.

The RGB version of the Creative Color Schemes 2 is specially designed for on-screen display with its full lightness and luminosity. With the completely new optimized RGB and HEX values, many colors are now brighter and clearer than before. Light and vivid colors appear even more refreshing and shining than ever.

The Creative Color Schemes 2 also comes in the RGB, Glow in the Dark edition. As a result, the whole brilliant colors are glowed in the dark. Both of the RGB version e-books are suitable for any design of PowerPoint, website, animation and all kinds of digital media.

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